Mother's Circus Animal cookies

I know, I'm a bit late on the circus train with this salute, but better late than never, I always say!

Mother's Circus Animal cookies: RIP 10/08

Like many people who've been blogging about them, I had Mother's Circus Animals cookies as a sometimes treat. When I found out about their bankruptcy and abrupt closing, I made a note to find a bag the next time I went grocery shopping, especially when Hun told me he'd never tasted them. I was disappointed . . . okay, I was alarmed when I found that they were gone from the shelves, and the other Mother's cookies were also rapidly disappearing. I remembered having seen special Halloween editions on display racks, so I wandered the store, looking for them. Huzzah, because I found them! And Hun agrees--they're a wonderful sometimes treat! If you're a fan, get those Mother's cookies while you can! The last local grocery store I went to had absolutely none left. =/ Late last week, I did find them fully stocked at Target, and yup, I bought a bag. I may (will probably) buy another if I see them again.

Someone did mention seeing identical cookies under the Keebler brand, but I haven't tried them, so if anyone can report on their similarities (or differences), let us know!


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