Student Diary: Advanced Pastry Arts, Day 11

My organic Nouveau bowl
sugar sculpture, 4/4/08
This one was simple, but beautiful. Chef had told us to pour our sugar in a spiral, then fill in the open space inside the spiral with an opposing color, but I wanted an organic look. Once the sugar was firm enough, I turned the sugar onto a steel bowl sprayed with nonstick spray. Once it was set a little more ... well, it stuck to the bowl. I didn't spray my bowl enough. I put the bowl in the oven on a silpat for a few minutes, then pried my sugar bowl off the steel bowl and gently formed the side of the bowl. There you have it! You can fill it with blown sugar objects.

Blown sugar object. My genius classmate Marcus, who did the amazing wedding cake a couple of months back, figured out a way to build air pumps, so he made one for each of us to have!
sugar sculpture, 4/4/08

Here, one of my teammate shoots the bubble. Her bowl is in front of her.
sugar sculpture, 4/4/08

I like her bowl, too. I convinced her to rim it with the copper sugar, and I think it turned out well.
sugar sculpture, 4/4/08

The end of the class is coming up, sadly. We're doing one last sugar project tonight, then starting our final project, which will be another wedding cake. I still need to design it. Wish me luck!

Still on tap: my Menu 4 Hope prize arrives from England, "arroz caldo" made healthy (pearl barley chicken congee), what I ate in Vegas--a phone photo blog, my first moussaka!, and still needing to be done--a marzipan rose how-to for Lewis (sorry it's taking so long).


Marvin said…
Pearl barley chicken congee?!! Ingenious. Can't wait for that post.
marye said…
This is wonderful! WOW I had no idea! that you could do that with sugar...I am impressed.
Julie said…
Michael, thanks--I'll need it!

Marvin--unfortunately, I didn't take any photos. It was all pretty ... beige ... but still tasty and worth posting about!

Marye--thank you! It's not as hard as it looks!
glamah16 said…
Really beautiful. Its amazing what one can do with sugar.
Julie said…
Thanks, glamah16! This was just the tip of the iceberg!

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