I've had this in a couple of Greek restaurants, and have loved it totally each time. Last year, it was my birthday lunch when I went to My Big Fat Greek Restaurant.




Basically, I used a recipe from the Food Network Web site. It's not as custard creamy as other moussaka dishes I've had, but it's pretty dang tasty, and I'd make it again! Oh man--just writing about it and loading photos up makes me wish I had a dish of it right now. I think this is a dish that would make an eggplant hater into a lover, and aside from the bechamel sauce/custard ... it's healthy. It's pretty easy to make, too, though some might be put off by the multiple steps (prep the eggplant, make the sauce, assemble the dish). It's worth it!


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Mike Marsh said…
No moussaka for me, unfortunately. :( After two or three post-eggplant stomach aches, it's no moussaka, no eggplant parmigiana, no ratatouille, and skipping most of the mixed-vegetable bhadjis at Indian buffets.
Julie said…
Oh no! Is it all nightshade fruits? I hope not. =(

BUT, you can do an easy replica with a large zucchini or yellow squash!
Mike Marsh said…
I don't think squashes cause me problems. I should try moussquashka...
Ed said…
Dang! That LOOKS YUMMY!!!
Going to have to try and make that!

Love you SIS!

Yo Bruddah from duh same muddah!

Julie said…
Ha! Yup, it's delicious, nutritious, and fairly easy! Note the difference in how I prepped the eggplant from the recipe--broiled it instead of grilling or frying it, just like when Mom used to make eggplant tortas!
Love ya!

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