Student Diary: Advanced Pastry Arts, Day 15

Last week was our final. There were 40 questions, and it looks like I did okay!


You got 40/40 on the final! Excellent job! Your
overall percentage in the class was 103%. You did an
outstanding job in this class, Julie. I think you
have the makings to be a first-rate pastry chef. It
was a pleasure having you in my class, and I wish you
the best of luck in the future.


PS Please feel free to e-mail me pictures of cakes and
things you make!

Woot! Project photo recap after the jump ...

Project 1: Wedding Cake

class wedding cake sketch

Adapted into a round cake
class wedding cake

Project 2: Spa Desserts

gluten-free, sugar-free, low-fat

Project 3: Filled Chocolate Box

school projects: chocolates

school projects: chocolates

Project 4: Chocolate Plated

pastry class chocolate

Project 5: Undersea Sugar Scape

Sea sugar showpiece, Advanced Pastry Arts

Project 6: Sugar Bowl and Blown Sugar

sugar sculpture, 4/4/08

sugar sculpture, 4/4/08

Project 7: Pastillage Friandise (small plate for little desserts)

my friandise

Project 8: Tiered Wedding Cake in Fondant

final project: wedding cake

Advanced Pastry Arts final project


Elaine said…
Julie - that's an awesome eval! Congratulations!
Judy Haley said…
wow! awesome comments to get from an instructor. That's a keeper. Congratulations.
Kitt said…
Wow! What a lovely note. From the looks of your creations, you deserve it. I love the coral in your seascape, especially, and the blown sugar.
Carrie said…
Congrats on your success!
It has really been a pleasure *watching* you go through the class. :)
Marvin said…
Congratulations! 103%?? That extra three percent must be due to your awesomeness with pastries.
Ed said…
SWEET!!! LOL! An appropriate comment for a well deserved grade, score, comments, kudos, etc., that you received from your instructor!!! Great job, Sis!!!
Julie said…
Thanks, all! I had a great time in the class--it's definitely something I've come to be very passionate about!
Julius said…
Congratulations! I am so happy for your accomplishments. Looking at the pictures, you deserved that 103% mark.

I'll keep an eye out for the cookbook you will eventually write. Nudge, nudge.
Julie said…
Thanks, Julius! If I were to ever do a cookbook, I'd want you to co-write so you could add your wealth of knowledge! I love the science of food, but I'm too lazy to script it out, so I'm grateful bloggers like you take the time to. I'm actually trying to get my recipes together to do a TasteBook. =)
Tablebread said…
Wow Julie you are so talented! Look at this amazing stuff!!! Is it ok if I say I knew you when I see you on the Pastry Showdown on the Food Network?
Julie said…
Thanks, Lewis! Of course--you can tell people that we're blogmates! Though I doubt I'll ever actually end up on the Pastry Showdown. I tend to do well and find inspiration in the kind of pressure they face, but I definitely don't have the skills to compete! (Isn't it unnerving how seriously I took your comment?)

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