Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Daring Bakers May: Lamingtons

For the May challenge Marcellina from Marcellina in Cucina dared us to make Lamingtons. An Australian delicacy that is as tasty as it is elegant

Daring Bakers May: Speculoos Lamingtons
Instead of covering my lamingtons in the traditional grated coconut, I crushed some speculoos (spice cookies, e.g., Bischoff) and rolled my chocolate-coated cubes in the resulting crumbs.

Daring Bakers May: Speculoos Lamingtons
I needed to make pound cake for another project, and I baked the leftover batter in a loaf pan to cut into cubes for this challenge. Then I made the traditional cocoa powder-based dip and crushed up my speculoos.

Daring Bakers May: Speculoos Lamingtons
I really should've crushed more speculoos to make sure the crumbs stayed neat, but I knew I'd end up with too many after I was done, so I had clumpier crumb covering toward the end. The first few, at the top left, came out fine, though. The row on the right has only had a couple rolled in the crumbs.

Daring Bakers May: Speculoos Lamingtons
Final product! It made just enough for my little family.

Daring Bakers May: Speculoos Lamingtons

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What's for dessert? said...

Great job on the challenge! Love the speculoos coating! said...

Cookie crumbs is a pretty genius idea. They look great!

Marcellina In Cucina said...

The speculoos crumbs would have been delicious! Thank you for joining in with the challenge this month!

Joanne T Ferguson said...

What delicious looking lamingtons these are! YUM!
Congrats on also completing this month's Daring Kitchen Bakers Challenge also!

Francijn said...

Ha, cookie crumbs! What a great idea :-)