Daring Bakers, January: Scones

Audax Artifex was our January 2012 Daring Bakers’ host. Aud worked tirelessly to master light and fluffy scones (a/k/a biscuits) to help us create delicious and perfect batches in our own kitchens! I followed this month’s recipe plainly and simply and came away with some deliciously plain and simple biscuits! They came together quickly and with ingredients that were readily available.

Daring Bakers January: Scones
Oh my, yes they were yummy. You can find the delicious recipe on Audax's blog here.

Daring Bakers January: Scones

Daring Bakers January: Scones 
Daring Bakers January: Scones 
The biscuits were so flat when I first stamped them out that I was afraid they’d remain flat pucks, but rise they did! 

Daring Bakers January: Scones
Daring Bakers January: Scones Daring Bakers January: Scones 
 I made just a half batch so we could have enough to make sausage, egg, and cheese breakfast biscuits. Oh my, yes they were yummy, but I think they already said that. 

This recipe is definitely a keeper, and I can't wait to try making it again! If only my daily diet allowed for more biscuits, I could easily see myself making these regularly! As it is, once or twice a month will suffice, and I'll be glad for them every time. Check out my fellow DBers’ scones/biscuits/etc. through our blogroll.


Jenni said…
Wow, what a beautiful job on your biscuits! They look amazing and perfect! And there is no better use for biscuits than breakfast sandwiches (that's what we did, too!).
The Betz Family said…
Hey, we made breakfast sandwiches too! Bacon, egg, and cheese. Must have been a popular side kick. :) Nice job on the challenge!

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