I didn't take enough photos while I was in Oklahoma City. I captured Hun's family's Christmas Tree, a shot out the airport window of the state's jaw-dropping flatness, and a photo of the "tornado shelter" sign under the women's bathroom sign. I guess my photographer's muse took her own vacation. I did, however, capture waffles:

OKC waffle

I wish I'd captured the traditional Chinese breakfast Hun's mom would serve--a very bland rice porridge served with some of the besterestest and flavorful pairings, from "furry pork" (dried and finely shredded pork), to cubed tofu topped with bonito flakes (dried and finely shaved bonito), to seaweed salad (My favorite ... it's basically salad. Made from seaweed. Or wakame salad.) There was a whole spread, and you'd put little bites of this and that in your porridge, one at a time or all together. It's like bread and butter.

In lieu of that, I present: my dad makes an awesome breakfast.

Dad inspects the pan. Is it ready yet, Dad?
Dad cooks breakfast

Just about!
Dad cooks breakfast

Eggs, sausage, and rice--traditional weekend breakfast fare when I was growing up.

Garlic and onion eggs with big sausage and rice.

Pancakes and low-carb syrup?! The new breakfast at my parents' house--it's tastier than you might think!

Pancakes and tuna omelet--another old-school breakfast, though I'm more appreciative now of tuna omelets.


Kitt said…
That's a tradition I could get myself around. Your dad knows how to start the day right.
What a wonderful tradition...& love that Dad's involvement! Wonderful way to begin a morning...& yes, the shot of waffles is beautiful!
Julie said…
Kitt, thanks! In my house, we have breakfasts like this on the weekend and sometimes on holidays, and stick to the oatmeal during the workweek. It's such an awesome treat!

PAB, thank you! I wish I could visit my parents more often to have more of Dad's breakfasts! ;)
Ed said…
Brings back MEMORIES!!!

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