Robert bakes biscotti (from last winter)

There has been much cooking and baking in the past few weeks! I've been to the last two Pacific Rim classes, but just haven't posted the photos and notes. Hun and I have been baking like mad! And this weekend, we're getting ready for the monthly SAS, which I finally decided to turn into a Sunday night dinner, because I decided that Sunday night dinner with friends and family is how I most want to start the week. Then, there's work and my reading/writing-intensive nutrition class, and other holiday goings-on. SO MUCH STUFF! So today, I bring to you: an old post--one of several I have waiting in the wings when I get too busy to craft something new, but don't want to leave my blog empty. Last winter, I taught Hun how to bake biscotti, and so he baked it, and it was good. While I've found a few biscotti recipes I really enjoy, Ken's is still my go-to.


I watched with eagle eyes over his shoulder while he manned the mixer.

Robert makes biscotti

All plated up!
Robert's biscotti


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