Pacific Rim, Week 8: Thai 2

This week, blogging took second place to welcoming my sweetheart of two years into my home as he moved in with me. Woot! So this is more a photo post than anything else.

Clockwise from clams in red curry: sizzling fried fish (red snapper) with sweet Thai chili sauce, conch in red curry, Thai coconut chicken, Thai chicken fried rice.
Pacific Rim: Week 8, Thai Food 2

There were dishes I didn't get a chance to take individual shots of, though for the life of me, I can't figure out how. Missing dishes include conch in red curry, Phad Thai, and pho kho tom (cold rice noodles with shrimp), and the truly amazing and much beloved Thai iced tea.

Turkey in red curry
Pacific Rim: Week, Thai Food 2

Khao Phad (Thai chicken fried rice)
Pacific Rim: Week 8, Thai Food 2

Thai coconut chicken
Pacific Rim: Week 8, Thai Food 2

Phad Thai
Pacific Rim: Week 8, Thai Food 2

Clams in red curry
Pacific Rim: Week 8, Thai Food 2

Whole sizzling fried fish with sweet Thai chili sauce
Pacific Rim: Week 8, Thai Food 2

Kluay Buad Chee (banana in coconut milk)
Pacific Rim: Week 8, Thai Food 2


Don't soak rice noodles or cook rice noodles for too long--they'll turn into a mush blob and you'll lift out a wok-shaped noodle pancake when you try to flip them out.

I'm not sure if turkey's a traditional Thai ingredient. I'm sure it's not. We just had it around and it needed to be used up, so into the green curry it went. I'll leave out the long discussion I had with my Hun about whether or not there were turkeys living in Thailand. =\ I will say that turkey goes well in green curry. Curry makes everything better!

The fried whole fish is actually just the carcass--the part leftover after you slice the fillets off. You just batter it, fry it in the wok, and put it on the platter as decoration.


Kitt said…
Yum! And congrats. Is that kitchen big enough for two? ;-)
Julie said…
Kitt, thanks! We move around each other really well in the kitchen, and I love that we can cook together!

Mike, thanks! I'm a happy camper. =)

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