Chicken and tomatoes

Earlier in June, in the midst of the tomato crisis where I was nervously stocking my cupboards with canned tomatoes, a friend of mine offered up some of her bountiful tomato harvest. As soon as I could, I made a beeline to her place and picked up a big bag of round and cherry tomatoes. My favorite were those sweet, plump, mildly tart little cherry tomatoes she offered. I ate an even dozen of them in one meal.

For me, chicken and tomatoes is the peanut butter and chocolate of the savory world--comforting, satisfying, and mouth-watering. First, it was Mom's chicken gilly (chicken wings cooked in tomato sauce) with white rice, then a friend's chicken paprikash with nokedli, then another friend's chicken cacciatori with egg noodles. Now, an impromptu sauted chicken with sauted tomatoes. It's tame, quick, tasty, and healthy.

chicken and tomatoes

Prep was easy--butterfly the chicken breast so its mostly a uniform width, rub it down with some olive oil and fresh herbs and spices (basil, oregano, salt, pepper), cook it through, and tent it to keep it warm on a plate. Then, in the same skillet, toss some halved cherry tomatoes with minced garlic and onions and more of the same herbs and spices used on the chicken. Let the tomatoes juice out a little, then pour the impromptosauce over the chicken and serve with brown rice.
chicken and tomatoes


A man cannot live on bread alone, but this woman could live on tomatoes. You are lucky to have such a generous friend. PS> Keep going Julie, you are looking so good!
Julie said…
Vanielje--Yes, my friend is awesome, as are her and her partner's tomatoes (he's the green thumb, she's the harvester). And thank you! I've had a lot of ups and downs the past year, but with every down, I get back up again! Thank you for your encouragement!
BaileyAKA said…
Mmm thank you for reminding me that those are 2 ingredients that should be brought together in my life more often.
Julie said…
bailyeaka--no joke! I've never had this combination and NOT liked it!

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