eggplant (ratatouille before and afters, and friccassee)

Mmmm, eggplant. I love your whole family (tomatoes, potatoes, peppers). And while I've read that you and the rest of your nightshade kin can worsen arthritis and make certain tummies feel oogie . . . I'm glad I'm not one of them.

ratatouille with poached egg

I was never more grateful for the eggplant my parents grew in our yard than when my mom would make eggplant tortas.* It was always my favorite way to eat eggplant. Until I learned about ratatouille. And yes, I did learn it from the movie. I've read that in France, ratatouille is commonly served cold or warm, with eggs as a breakfast dish. I think that's my favorite way, too. And while it's tasty with an easy scramble, it's decadent with a poached egg.
ratatouille with poached egg

Ratatouille and torta are tied for first. Third place would go to the Silver Spoon's eggplant fricassee!
eggplant fricassee

*Tortang talong--my mom would chop her eggplant up after roasting them, though, instead of leaving it hole, though I do want to try this style someday soon. Every Filipino family seems to have its own recipe. In high school, I had friends who shocked me with their carrot torta. They were tasty, though! And simple zucchini tortas are a good way to introduce people to the idea of veggies shredded into beaten eggs and fried up into omelets.


Michael said…
Here's a great way to use any leftover ratatouille: spread it in a Boboli shell. You can bake the shell either before or after adding the stew, depending on how crisp you want the shell to be and whether you want a hot/cold contrast.
Julie said…
Michael--woot! I'm glad I still have some ratatouille left in the freezer! Now all I need are some Boboli shells! Thank you!

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